Approved Skills Scheme

The aim of our Approved Skills scheme is to define a set of skills standards needed by those entering the broadcasting industry. These standards are being agreed by industry and the craft guilds, and can inform the design of educational and training courses. The ITTP has received support from His Royal Highness Prince Charles and many major companies across the industry, including BT Sport, Sky, and ITV.

Find the current edition of the ITTP Approved Skills Scheme Document   here

Once underway, the Approved Skills scheme will have a range of benefits for employers, for those entering the industry as the result of attending a university course, and for those designing and delivering such courses. The scheme will enable employers to recruit new staff with a known level of expertise. This will reduce the risk of recurring recruitment costs associated with employing new staff who turn out to be unsuitable. The scheme will give confidence in selecting freelance staff knowing that they have been properly trained, thereby reducing the likelihood of employing an incompetent operator, and so protecting the employer’s reputation.

The delegates at our conferences generally comprise around 120 course leaders and senior lecturers from UK universities who run television production degree courses, together with many senior people from the broadcasting industry.
There are in excess of 70 training organisations and educational establishments providing courses that include TV production techniques and operations. The courses are of varying quality. In some cases, the teaching staff have had no professional TV, film or broadcast experience. There are industry-related means by which courses can be assessed and accredited. For example, Skillset Approval and BKSTS Accreditation. But while these schemes can ensure a course meets industry requirements in its design and delivery, through assessing the content, physical and human resources devoted to the course, these schemes do not assess the actual suitability of individual students to work in the industry at the end of their course. The ITTP Approved Skills scheme is designed specifically to fill this gap.

This fragmentation of training reflects the trend set by the broadcasting industry itself. There was a time when only the BBC and some ITV companies undertook to give school leavers grounding in production and operational techniques both through theoretical courses and practical training. Only those with satisfactory results were confirmed in employment and operational managers knew the standard that they had reached.